You’re 5 Steps Away From Landing A Campus Job

Looking for a part-time campus job to make some cash between classes? Student Employment Services makes your job search easy with their aptly titled Job Search Database. Once you get through these 5 steps, you’ll be well on your way to landing interviews and getting hired!

1. Get that Tutorial done (but pay attention!): Before you can access the application and job postings, you have to complete a brief online tutorial on the student employment program. It will only take 5 minutes, but don’t rush through it. It has important information about the I-9 form that you’ll have to fill out before starting your first job!

2. Check your schedule: Once you’re admitted into the SES system and you fill out your basic contact information, you’ll be asked to provide your availability. Take a close look at your class schedule and other regular commitments so you can block those times out, but put yourself down as available to work whenever you’re not booked. You’ll be able to negotiate your exact hours during an interview, but the more flexible you are, the better!

3. Write about all your work experience – including volunteering and extracurricular activities: Even if you’ve never had a paid job before, you’re already a super qualified candidate! Write down every position you’ve had – your high school club leadership position, community service experience, and summer lifeguard job are all fair game. If you’ve had an unpaid internship or a Hopkins extracurricular leadership position, that’s important too! Any descriptions you have on a resume or LinkedIn profile can be copied and pasted into this application, but if you don’t have those things yet, just do your best to give a detailed description of what you did in each position.

4. Show off your skills: The next page of your application will have a box for you to list your skills, and trust me, you have enough skills to fill the box. What are your hobbies? You almost certainly know how to use Microsoft Word, and perhaps you’ve used PowerPoint and Excel, too. If you’re a STEM major, you might know how to code and work with data. If you’re in the humanities and social sciences, you’re probably a solid writer. Unless you live under a rock, you know how to use at least one social media platform. Some of these skills may not feel that impressive or applicable to the type of work you’re looking for, but you never know what an employer might need. You might even get called in to interview for a different position based on your skills.

5. Make your job search part of your daily routine: Your job search will last at least a couple weeks, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. New jobs are posted on the SES database all the time, so try to make it a daily habit to check for new postings. It only takes a couple clicks to send your application, so if you see something that interests you, apply right away!

Are you ready to get started? Head to the SES website to set up your account today and take the first step towards finding your campus job!




Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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