Meet Meagan P. from Wolman Mailroom

Whether it’s picking up a care package from your parents, mailing an important letter, or just buying some stamps, you’ve probably stopped by the counter of the Wolman mailroom located in the basement of the freshman dorm. Meagan P., a sophomore Chemistry and Writing Seminars double major, gave us an insight into what happens on the other side of the mail slot.

Amanda A.: What are the responsibilities of a student worker in the mailroom?

Meagan P.: My job consists of sorting the mail and packages that get delivered, helping students pick up their packages, as well as processing outgoing shipments. For the letter mail that gets delivered, it is my job to sort through everything and make sure that the letter gets put away into the right mailbox or is redirected to the right address.

AA: How did you find this position?

MP: I was looking for a job that had pretty flexible hours on the student jobs website, then I applied through the website as well. A couple days later I got the call for an interview and now I am privy to all the secrets of the mailroom.

AA: What kinds of skills have you picked up from working in the mailroom?

MP: I’ve never worked in a service position before, so this job has definitely tested my patience at times, but I’ve also learned a lot of cool stuff about how the postal industry works. I’ve also gotten very good at guessing how many stamps someone needs for their letter.

AA: Does this position relate to your academic or professional interests, or has it reshaped them in any way?

MP: Not really, but I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people through this job, which has been a huge plus. I’ve definitely gotten better at small talk since I’ve started working there, which I am thankful for since it’s a very useful skill to have. My plan currently is to go into graduate school for chemistry, so there’s not much crossover between this and the Postal Service. However, I do think that it’s always good just to get experience working and having that kind of responsibility.


AA: What advice would you give to a student who is thinking of applying for a campus job?

MP: Keep an open mind and apply to as many things as you possibly can. Sometimes people can be slow at getting back to you, if they even plan on getting back to you at all, so just be patient and don’t give up.

Want to put Meagan’s awesome advice to use? Be sure to check the SES Job Search Database regularly to explore open campus jobs.


Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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