Work on campus this summer with HopkinsLEAD!

Still looking for a summer job? Thinking about staying in Baltimore? Many employers across Hopkins campuses are looking for undergraduate students to work for them over the summer. Here’s the low-down on two internships with HopkinsLEAD, one of the pre-orientation programs offered to incoming freshmen in the fall:

Logistics & Communications Intern (1 opening) – 10438 on the SES Job Portal

This intern will have an integral role in helping plan the HopkinsLEAD pre-orientation program, which invites 40 incoming freshmen to campus early for leadership training and an immersive introduction to Baltimore. The program will start with an off-campus retreat working on community development and small group work, and will continue with programming based on Homewood Campus.

“The Logistics & Communications Intern is going to help me really decide what do we want the second half of that program to look like,” Travis Olson, the Coordinator for Leadership Development in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI), said. “They’ll be connecting with community partners and weaving different site visits together into a theme for each day.”

The job responsibilities also include reviewing feedback from 2016 participants – the program’s first cohort – and communicating with the incoming cohort of freshmen to answer questions about the program and about coming to Hopkins generally. The position starts on June 1st and lasts through the end of the HopkinsLEAD program on September 1st. For most weeks over the summer, this intern will work 15-20 hours per week.

Community Development Interns (4 positions) – 10439 on the SES Job Portal

These interns will return to campus in mid-August to help with last-minute preparation for the program and will serve as peer mentors for the participants.

“Each Community Development intern will have a group of 10 students and serve in a hybrid function as a peer mentor and temporary RA,” Olson said. “They are the ones that are traveling with the students, and they are designing the community development things that we’re doing later at night. They’re really the first stop for the participants who have questions about life on campus.”

Olson mentioned that last year’s cohort remains very close, and Community Development interns should expect to help foster a unique sense of community before orientation even starts.

“This is an opportunity to be the first impression of JHU that these incoming students have,” he said.

Both of these opportunities will give student employees the chance to gain hands-on experience in planning the program.

“We are really committed to this program being as student-run as possible,” Olson said. “Students won’t be just given directions and told to do it. We really want people who want to critically think and create this experience alongside with us.”

Sound like something you might be interested in? Well then, what are you waiting for? Apply through the SES Job Portal as soon as possible! (If you haven’t set your account up yet, we’ll walk you through it.)



Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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