Work for Undergraduate Admissions this summer!

If you’re looking for an exciting summer job, look no further than Mason Hall. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is accepting applications for summer Tour Guides (SES Job Portal Number 10456) and Office Assistants (SES Job Portal Number 10449). Here’s what you need to know about working in admissions over the summer:

1. There’s so much to do. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is much busier over the summer than it is over the school year. On some days, more than 1,000 people from all over the world will visit campus! Since it’s so busy, there’s no shortage of tasks that need to get done, from leading information sessions and tours to taking phone calls and entering data. You can gain all kinds of transferrable skills from this position, especially in regards to customer service and public speaking.

2. Your unique Hopkins experience is valuable. Some prospective students will be visiting campus for events that are devoted to specific fields, ranging from Pre-Med and STEM to Entrepreneurship and the Humanities. No matter what your major is, you’ll be able to provide super helpful insight for some prospective students and families. Undergraduate Admissions also loves to share students’ stories about something they’ve done at Hopkins that’s made a big impact. If you want the world to know about the class that changed your life or your totally awesome campus job, this is your perfect opportunity.

3. Only staying on campus for part of the summer? No problem. Candidates who aren’t available from May all the way through August are still welcome to apply.

Head to the SES Job Portal to apply today!




Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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