Apply for Fall 2017 jobs!

Do you wish you could just skip your spring semester finals and move on to the next adventure? Even though you can’t do that, you can start thinking about what the next semester holds in store. There are already student jobs posted for Fall 2017!

Here’s a sampling of what you can apply for today:

  • Office Assistant for Academic Advising (SES Job Number 10464) – starts August 28
  • Study Consultant for Academic Advising (SES Job Number 5680) – starts August 29
  • Office Assistant for the English Department (SES Job Number 5138) – starts September 1
  • Online Course Assistant for Advanced Academic Programs (SES Job Number 10296) – starts May 15, but students who can hold this position during the academic year are strong encouraged to apply

Another position to look out for: my job. Watch this space for an announcement about the search for the next Student Employment Blogger coming soon!