Meet Allie M. from Student Employment Services

This semester, I’ve talked to student workers from all over campus, but I also have to introduce you to my awesome co-workers in the Office of Student Employment Services!
Allie M., a junior triple-majoring in International Studies, Sociology, and Latin American Studies, is wrapping up her second year as an Office Assistant before she moves to Paris to pursue the dual degree program with Hopkins and Sciences Po. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:
Emily H.: How did you get started working for Student Employment Services?
Allie M.: I was here on campus in the summer taking Microeconomics and wanted to make some money. I applied for at least a dozen jobs & none of them interviewed or hired me. I went into the SES office to ask for some advice on my applications. That night, Sharrie (the SES Lead Payroll Coordinator) emailed me asking if I wanted to work in that office and if I could start the following day. The rest is history!

EH: What are your job responsibilities?
AM: Anything and everything – answering the phone, making folders, sending out emails to the kids who don’t pick up their checks, cleaning the popcorn machine, watering the plants, MC’ing the National Student Employment Week Award Ceremony, redirecting students to the J-Card office, writing funny quotes on the whiteboard, entertaining Chanita the office’s administrative assistant… the list goes on.
EH: What skills have you gained from this position?
AM: Boy, have I learned a lot! Everyday there’s something new. Last spring, I was asked to create a presentation about the I-9 tax forms. I learned how to use different technological tools, edit my media, and synthesize the elements into a cohesive presentation. It was challenging, but definitely a tangible skill I’ll bring with me on my next career step. Obviously, I’ve learned a lot about work authorization for US and international students and the accompanying forms. I’ve also kept quite a few office plants alive so I’d say gardening as well.

EH: How do you think your experience in this position will help you after you leave Hopkins?
AM: I know that there’s no way I can have a job where I don’t get to talk to people everyday!

EH: How has working shaped your Hopkins experience?
AM: The office has been like a second family to me. They’ve given me so much advice when I’ve needed it, supported me while I was working on applications to grad school, and constantly made me laugh. Those memories are invaluable.

EH: Do you have any advice for job-seeking students or younger student employees?
AM: Don’t get frustrated with menial jobs — it’s character building!
Thanks for the advice, Allie, and best of luck with your next adventure. The office will miss you!

Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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