Campus Job Advice for Pre-Law Students

Thinking about going to law school in the future? You have many paths to get there, but by the end of your undergraduate career, there are certain skills you need to develop to be prepared for law coursework. Fortunately, campus jobs can help you develop those skills to supplement your coursework.

Ana Droscoski, Esq., the associate director of the Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising, gave me some pointers on how pre-law students might want to approach their job search.

Unlike medical school applicants, who are advised to use their student job to help them achieve the standard Core Competencies for medical school admissions, law school applicants have less rigid criteria to meet beyond their GPA and LSAT score.

“While some applied experiences may be more on-point than others, any experience is relevant to and should be included on a resume for law school applicants,” Droscoski said, also noting that jobs that require a lot of reading and writing may be more useful in preparing for law school coursework.

According to Droscoski, pre-law students could also benefit from a job that requires them to communicate on a professional level with clients or customers, such as working the front desk of an office or serving food and drinks at a cafe.

“The ability to communicate in person and writing in a professional manner is crucial,” she said.

Regardless of whether the job requires these skills, pre-law students should put their best effort into any kind of student job. Balancing work and academics looks impressive on a resume, and successful employees might be able to land a recommendation from their employer to send in with their law school or outside job application.

“Time spent at any job or activity that can be accounted for on a resume, such as a campus job, helps contextualize an applicant’s undergraduate experience and responsibilities,” Droscoski said.

So, pre-law students: are you ready to start your job search? You’re only 5 steps away from landing a position on campus.






Author: Emily H.

I'm the official blogger for Student Employment Services at the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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