Mastering the Four Stages of a New Job

Embrace the nerves and reach your stride in no time.


Starting a new job, whether it’s a temporary internship or a full-time gig, is an emotional mix of exciting and scary.  The rollercoaster that we experience is normal, though, and accepting that everyone experiences the same feelings makes your new start much easier. Follow us through the many emotions in order to understand how to best embrace each step of the journey:

  1. Excitement:

Congratulations on the new job! Call your parents! Tell your friends! As soon as you get a new job, it’s a sigh of relief and a weight off your shoulders. The dreaded interviews (which you nailed with our awesome interview how-to) have paid off, and you are done searching through the Student Employment Services Job Portal every day. Take some you-time and celebrate your accomplishment – you deserve it!

  1. Nerves:

 Maybe you have a pit in your stomach and you’re wondering if they made a mistake in hiring you. That anxiety is normal, but don’t worry – they did not make a mistake, and you are definitely qualified for the job! The company that hired you believes in you, so now it’s time to believe in yourself.

In order to combat the nerves, take some extra steps to prepare for your first day. Pack your bag with pens, a notebook, a folder, and your laptop charger if you need it. Don’t forget to throw in a snack in case you get hungry and can’t slip away from the office. Then, pick out your first-day outfit and call it a day. You’ve prepped, and now it’s time to take your mind elsewhere. Read a book, watch a funny TV show, or spend some time with friends. Relax before getting a good night’s rest and you’ll nail your first day!

Side note: if you have trouble sleeping the night before a big day (I do!) try to drink some chamomile tea before bed. It’ll help you wind down, and it tastes good!

  1. Confusion:

You made it to the first day and you can’t even find the bathroom.  It can feel overwhelming to be the new person at a job, and it’s easy to stay quiet and sink into the background. Speak up if you feel lost, though! The people around you want you to feel comfortable and are usually willing to take a second out of their day to help you with yours. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know more people in the office. That coworker who taught you to use the copy machine will become a new familiar face around campus!

  1. Hitting your stride:

When you’re in Steps 2 and 3, it feels like you’re never going to reach this one. But you will! Soon enough, you’ll feel comfortable in your new job and become a valuable member of the team. This is the most rewarding part of a new job, and sometimes the most difficult. You’ll be trusted with more work and responsibilities, but it’s because the company knows you’re capable of making a difference. You did it!

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