Why the SES Job Search Portal is the Best Way to Find a Job at JHU

Student Employment Services uses an online Job Search portal to help students find jobs both on and off campus. The portal includes jobs across all campuses making it an ideal resource for all Hopkins students. Here are the main reasons why you should use the portal to find your next job:

  1. It’s organized. You can find a job based on start date, location, category, and keywords. The job search portal also provides information on citizenship requirements, which makes it easier to hone in on jobs that do cater to international students.
  2. It’s trustworthy. With Student Employment Services, you know you’re finding a job that has been vetted. You won’t find a job that puts you in a harmful situation, such as having to walk to/from work at unreasonable hours. If you’re applying to an off-campus job, the portal will let you know.
  3. It’s allinclusive. Software engineer? Bio major? DJ? Everyone can find a job that caters to their hobbies and interests through the student employment portal.

If you have any questions about using the Job Search database, reach out to your College on the Clock bloggers or contact Student Employment Services at stujob@jhu.edu.