Meet Lifeguard Julia P.

Writing Seminars major with a passion for swimming.


Julia P. is a junior majoring in Writing Seminars and double minoring in Marketing & Communications and Museums & Society. She is currently a lifeguard at the recreation center. Here’s what she has to say about her job:

Claudia G.: What training did you have to go through to get this job? 

Julia P.: Prior to getting to campus, I was lifeguard, AED, and CPR certified through a Red Cross program by my house. On campus, lifeguards are required to attend 3 in-services where we practice skills and discuss protocol.

CG: What does a normal day on the job look like for you?

JP: I get to work 15 minutes early to set up the pool. I normally work morning shifts so I open the days I work. Every 30 minutes throughout my 2 hour shift the lifeguards switch. Whoever isn’t sitting on the chair can do homework. Then after the last patron leaves, I clean up and close up.

CG: Have you ever had to actually save someone?

JP: Nope. However, our manager Morgan always says it is not if but it’s when something will happen. That is why we have the 3 required in-services, in order to make sure we are ready whenever something happens.

CG: How do you balance work and school?

JP: Luckily, I have one hour each shift I work to do some homework. I think it is the only job on campus where you can get paid and do homework.

CG: What’s your favorite part about both working on campus and your job specifically?

JP: I like working on campus because it introduced me to a whole different side of the administration and campus. I like my job because I get to interact with patrons who love to swim just like me.

CG: What advice do you have for new student employees?

Getting a job on campus through Student Employment Services is a great opportunity to expand you resume and skill set. Make sure you don’t take the opportunity lightly. If you work hard, it will pay off.

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