Meet Isadora S. from Evergreen Museum and BIT Training

With two jobs, how does she manage her time?


Isadora S. is a junior majoring in International Studies and Sociology with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

Claudia G.: What is your job on campus? 

Isadora S.: I’m a BIT [Bystander Intervention Training] trainer which is mandatory gender violence training for incoming freshmen and other groups. I lead these sessions through CHEW which is the Center for Health Education and Wellness. They’re two to two-and-a-half hour sessions where we go over consent and other tools for being a bystander. I’m also a student docent at Evergreen Museum and Gallery which is a Hopkins-owned museum on Loyola University’s campus. It’s an old mansion that one of the founders of the B&O Railroad owned. Now it has all these really amazing art collections! There’s a Picasso, a Degas; it’s so cool!

C.G.: That’s awesome! How long have you worked there?

I.S.: I was actually just hired there this year, so I’m still learning. I’ll be giving tours soon which are an hour to an hour and a half. There are over 48 rooms in the house, it’s huge mansion!

C.G.: How have your jobs on campus helped you shape your college experience? 

I.S.: My jobs on campus aren’t very tailored around what I hope to do after college, but they have been a great way to express my personal interests. BIT training is very in line with by beliefs as a person, so it has made working a great extension of the things I’m passionate about.

C.G.: What’s your favorite part of being a student employee?

I.S.: Very materialistically: money! But I love being able to teach students really applicable information that is going to help them through college and campus life. I also love the museum and how it’s become a part of my weekly routine. Every Sunday I take the bus to Loyola and it’s so beautiful! I love being surrounded by beautiful artwork.

C.G.: Has working on campus helped you balance your school work, or does it make it more difficult since you’re so busy? 

I.S.: Having a busy schedule has really helped my time management skills. I do better with my classes because I’m more focused on making it work. For me, I work six hours on Sundays, so I know I won’t be able to do much else. I’ve learned to adapt to this, though, and generally have gotten really good at sticking to my schedule.

C.G.: What’s been the hardest part of working on campus? 

I.S.: Freshman year I had a really early morning shift at the Rec Center! I had to be there at 7:00AM, and I am not a morning person. Thankfully BIT training is later in the day, so I’ve shifted to a job that works better for me!

C.G.: How did you find your jobs?

I.S.: I got my jobs through a few different outlets. Firstly, I used the Student Employment Services job portal. I got my BIT training job through CHEW, and I got my Evergreen Museum job at the Student Employment Services Job Fair. I met with the woman who does hiring for the museum here on campus and I never thought I’d end up being a docent! But I love it and I’m so glad it worked out that way.

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