Meet DMC Veteran Giovanna M

Giovanna is a junior double-majoring in Writing Seminars and Film. She is currently in her fourth year of work at the Digital Media Center (DMC).


Giovanna is a junior double-majoring in Writing Seminars and Film & Media Studies. She is currently in her third year of work at the Digital Media Center (DMC).

Claudia G.: How did you get involved in student employment?

Giovanna M.: I started working at the DMC my freshman Fall. I went to the Student Job Fair which was was how I found out about the position. I’ve been working there since!

C.G.: Are you on work study?

G.M.: I am on work study, but you don’t need it to work at the DMC.

C.G.: What was your first job at the DMC?

G.M.: I’ve had the same job throughout the years, but the way the DMC works is you get slightly promoted as you go on based on the skills you develop. You start out you work at the front desk so that you can learn the ropes, but you get pay increments if you improve in certain skills that could potentially help patrons. They have different areas of focus. I came in knowing a lot about photography and video, but you have to complete special projects to prove those skills. The more advanced you get in those skills the more you get paid.

C.G.: Do you have to take tests along the way to earn those pay raises?

G.M.: You don’t do tests! The DMC has pro-staffers that are heads of each area, so if you have an area that you think you can go to the next level in, you just show them a project that demonstrates you know those skills.

C.G.: Do you feel like student employment has helped you in terms of your career?

G.M.: I think so! This job really helps me a lot for internships that I’ve done. The past summer I was working at the ACLU as a multi-media intern and since I do a lot of video editing for special projects for the DMC it really helped. This semester I’ve actually transitioned into doing just special projects because it works better with my schedule. We have a lot of videos that we make for patrons when they’re learning new equipment, so I help with that. Now that’s a specific skill that I put on my resume.

C.G.: What’s the most beneficial thing you’ve gotten out of student employment?

G.M.: I think working at the DMC specifically is nice because it is both a job and a community. The point of the job is to help you advance certain skills on your own, because they encourage you to level up in those skills. While you’re working at the front desk helping patrons come in and check out equipment, you’re also learning about the equipment and getting concrete skills. They’ll encourage you to learn Photoshop or InDesign or how to use the audio studio and they’re all skills that are beneficial.

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