Meet Zoe D. from Special Collections

For our first Student Spotlight, I spoke to Zoe D., a senior double majoring in Public Health and Biology with a minor in French. Zoe started working as a Curator and Student Monitor at the Sheridan Libraries’ Department of Special Collections in the Spring of her freshman year after meeting upperclassmen who had worked there. Here’s what she had to say about her job:

Emily H.: What are your job responsibilities?

Zoe D.: Primarily, I serve as a receptionist and a monitor for our rare books reading room. I also perform tasks related to the transportation, organization, cataloging, and maintenance of our books and archival materials, and have curated multiple exhibits – both physical and electronic. I also help to maintain our social media presence, as well as plan and market our events.

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You’re 5 Steps Away From Landing A Campus Job

Looking for a part-time campus job to make some cash between classes? Student Employment Services makes your job search easy with their aptly titled Job Search Database. Once you get through these 5 steps, you’ll be well on your way to landing interviews and getting hired!

1. Get that Tutorial done (but pay attention!): Before you can access the application and job postings, you have to complete a brief online tutorial on the student employment program. It will only take 5 minutes, but don’t rush through it. It has important information about the I-9 form that you’ll have to fill out before starting your first job!

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